Where is the bus?

Have you ever been in the situation when wondering whether there will show up a bus or not? It is more than 5 minutes overdue, your blood is getting hotter and hotter, and perhaps you should start doing something about it...

Those where not the days. But lucky you, today you just ask your best travel buddy Travis where the next bus is instead. It might just be around the corner, so you relax.

  1. In Travis, click your current bus stop.

  2. In the list with modes of transport, click the bus line you would like to travel with.

  3. The route is highlighted with a bold line, and the buses on the line are indicated as bus icons. (Please note that you might have to zoom out a bit to make it more visible where the different buses are located.)

Currently this feature is applicable to buses within Stockholm Public Transport only.

Var är bussen ny design

Obs! Fungerar än så länge bara i SL-trafiken

Smart tips for public transport

Here is a selection of smart features to use in Travis when traveling by public transport.


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