Brick – charge your mobile on the go

Do you keep your travel ticket on your mobile phone? Smart thing! Now you don’t have to worry about a dead phone when it’s time to show your bus ticket or end your electric scooter trip anymore either. With a portable powerbank from Brick you can still charge your mobile even when moving around in the city. All fans of free mobility now find the Brick powerbanks in Travis.

What’s your solution to a powerless mobile phone?

For sure you have been in the situation where your mobile’s battery seems to drain faster than cold beverages in the desert, and the panic is all over when you should enjoy the moment instead of chasing power outlets. Especially nowadays when everything we do seems to rely on our mobile devices, one way or the other.

Travis and Brick have solved this problem by bringing together smart travel planning with smart power supply. With Brick’s powerbank available in Travis you will no longer have to worry about uncharged devices. From now on the simple answer to the question in the heading is: Use your last few percent to find and pay the closest Brick powerbank directly in the Travis app.

Brick and Travis share the same philosophy that some things (especially within the mobility sector) are better to rent than to buy. For the benefit both of the environment and your wallet.

How does Brick work with Travis?

Click Powerbank from the Travis start menu and choose any of the options shown in the map. When arriving there, scan the QR code and follow the instructions (please note that you need Brick's app on your mobile device). Then off you go to wherever you wish. When you are fully charged again, just find a new place and hand back the powerbank. Could it be easier or more convenient, really?

If it matters which type of mobile device you have? Nope. Along with a portable powerbank from Brick come cords for both iPhone, Type-C, and Micro USB. A Brick powerbank gets you mobile fully charged in approximately one hour. Information about price and tems is available in Travis when renting your powerbank.


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