Travis – the only travel planner you need

Like most people, you sometimes probably try to make life easier for yourself. Especially with everyday matters that are not the most important or fun things you know of. Such as travel planning. Smart, because why make it harder than it has to be?

We think that public transport is very important. In addition, it is very smart. To make it easy (and maybe even a little fun too) to use local traffic for urban traveling on your own terms, we give you the travel planner Travis - all modes of transport in one app!

A new way to plan your trip is here

Good apps for planning trips with traditional public transport, such as the SL Travel Planner, have been around for many years. But how would you like to travel today, when you have even more options? Maybe your next trip is with a different mode of transport than the bus or the tram, or at least part of the route is?

What you want is called MaaS and means Mobility as a Service – a service that combines both public and private modes of transport and makes them clearly accessible and searchable for you directly in your mobile. Yesterday you had nothing like this. Now you have Travis.

Download your best travel buddy today!

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Download your best travel buddy today!

Search both short and long trips in the same travel planner

Travis will help you find your smoothest journey. Whether it rains too much when you just want to run a quick errand to the store or if you want to find the most affordable alternative to take you to the airport for further travel around the world, Travis is your go to solution.

When you search the app, you immediately get different options and what they cost so that you can easily choose your best trip.


Travis likes all journeys. The ones you like and often search for can of course be saved as favourites so that they are always easily accessible when you need them.

Pay your trip directly in the app

Once you have decided through the travel planner how you want to travel, you can pay some of Travis' travel buddies directly through Travis. It can be the bus or the tram, but it can just as easily be a scooter. Or why not a combination?

Travis works as fast as possible to get direct payment in the app for more friends, such as taxis and rental cars, because Travis wants to be everyone's best full-service travel buddy!

This is Travis