Buy and use Västtrafik's Day tickets directly in Travis

Are you planning a weekend in Gothenburg, or do you live there and want to travel a lot within a short period of time? Please take this travel tip: Buy and use Västtrafik's Day tickets directly in Travis. Easily pick the zone(s) you prefer and then enjoy unlimited traveling within the ticket's time limit. Less trouble, more shrimp sandwich and salty swims.


About Västtrafik's Day tickets in Travis

Smoothly buy Västtrafik's 1-day ticket or 3-day ticket in Travis. Pick one or more zones, and then set off for the closest bus, tram, or why not a boat. Travel as much as you like with all Västtrafik's modes of transportation for 24 or 72 hours.

As always, Västtrafik's tickets in Travis work the same as did you buy them from Västtrafik or any of its resellers. And to the same price, of course. The tickets are available at a reduced price and starts when you activate it in Travis.

You will need to login to the app to be able to purchase period tickets. Easily create your account when buying your first period ticket. As you will need to verify your e-mail address, please give yourself a few extra minutes the first time you log in.

Västtrafik's tickets in Travis

These Västtrafik tickets are available to purchase and use directly in Travis.


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