Västtrafik – public transport in Gothenburg and Western Sweden

When in Gothenburg, or Little London if you like, you will probably not miss all Västtrafik buses, trams, boats and other modes of transportation there to provide citizens and visitors with efficient and sustainable local transportation. Whether you are heading towards Liseberg from the Gothenburg Central station or towards Landvetter airport Västtrafik will be a good option for your journey.

Västtrafik is not only a matter for citizens of Gothenburg and people visiting Sweden's second largest city. Västtrafik provides public transport to the whole Western Sweden region with its different modes of transportation. Ashore as well as offshore. Västtrafik's boats conveniently take you out in the beautiful archipelago, too.

Västtrafik covers a very big area in the western part of Sweden. Express buses and the trains from Västtågen quickly get you between different places in the region.

Västtrafik – one of Travis's closest friends!

Now you can search your best trip with Västtrafik and its buses, trams and all other modes of transportation and buy and use your ticket in the same app. How nice is that?

The terms? Prices? No worries, of course you get the same terms and prices as if you buy your ticket from Västtrafik or any of its resellers. The icing on the cake is the ability to easily find and pay your ride with an electrical scooter as well – all modes of transportation in one app!

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