Buy and use SL's Single Journey ticket directly in Travis

Simple and flexible when you want to travel occasionally. You buy it quickly and easily in Travis when it's time to go and then you travel as much as you like in all SL traffic for 75 minutes. Convenient, right?


The single ticket can also be a smart choice to use when there is a holiday coming up and you do not want to "waste" days on your regular period tickets.

If you fall under the category to be entitled to get a reduced price, you will of course have access to the discounted single ticket in Travis too.

The single ticket is valid when you have activated it. Which means you can prepare your journey and buy your ticket well in advance. Activate your ticket when you see the bus appear around the corner, and then travel limitless with SL for 75 minutes. Of course, you will see how much time remains at any time. Please activate your ticket within 30 days from purchase.

Note! Should you buy several single tickets at the same time, they will turn into a group ticket, where all tickets will be activated at the same time.

If you would like to buy several individual single tickets in advance, please buy them one by one, and then activate them one at the time. If you try to activate a ticket while you already have another one activated you will get a notification about that.

SL tickets in Travis

These SL tickets are available to purchase and use directly in Travis.


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