Buy and use SL's 30-day ticket directly in Travis

SL's 30-day ticket in Travis is the right choice when you go to work or school every day with any of SL’s broad range of options. Not to mention if you also want to travel more sustainably and smart even in your free time. AND want all of Stockholm's other modes of transport in the same app at the touch of a button.


Unlimited trips throughout the Stockholm area for 30 consecutive days. The ticket is of course available at a reduced price and starts when you activate it in Travis.

Psst. You don't have to activate the ticket right upon purchase if you don't want to, wait until you actually want to make your first trip. Please activate the ticket within 60 days from purchase, however.

You will need to login to the app to be able to purchase period tickets. Easily create your account when buying your first period ticket. As you will need to verify your e-mail address, please give yourself a few extra minutes the first time you log in.

SL tickets in Travis

These SL tickets are available to purchase and use directly in Travis.


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