Now there are even more SL tickets to buy and use directly in Travis!

Would you like to be able to find your best trip with SL traffic and pay for the ticket in the same place? Then what would you say about being able to buy and use both SL's single ticket, the classic 30-day ticket and the brand new 10/30 ticket directly in Travis?

Smart and smooth, perhaps? And that's exactly how Travis wants it. It should be smart and flexible for you to be able to choose the trip and the SL ticket that suits you best. The ball is in your court.


General information about SL tickets in Travis

If you always want to keep track of your SL card it could be a good idea to leave it at home, and have it on your mobile instead. Because that’s where you are looking for the fastest, most flexible or most convenient way to travel anyway, right? With the SL ticket in Travis, you get the bonus of having all of Stockholm's other modes of transport in the very same app. What a life hack!

When you buy and use SL's tickets in Travis, of course you get the same conditions both in terms of price and the trip itself as if you buy the ticket in the SL app or from one of SL's dealers.

SL tickets in Travis

These SL tickets are available to purchase and use directly in Travis.


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