SL – all of Stockholm's public transport

SL is one of Travis' closest buddies. In the Travis app you can both search for your journey by public transport in Stockholm and pay for your SL tickets at once. How smooth and comfortable is that?

SL – Stockholm Public Transport

Stockhom Public Transport – SL – is something probably every Stockholmer knows about. Whether you travel with SL every day or once a year, you know how important SL is for the Stockholm region to work.

SL and Travis is the perfect match

SL is one of Travis' oldest and closest friends and through Travis you can both find and then pay for your trip by bus, tram, metro, local train, commuter train or boat directly in the Travis app. No detours and of course you have the exact same conditions for your ticket and journey as if you would have bought it in the metro or with your debit card.

The same large selection of traveling opportunities, but Travis makes it even easier and more accessible than before, to the same price!

You haven’t missed the SL tickets in Travis, have you?

With a few clicks you can buy and use SL's single journey ticket, the 30-day ticket, and the 10/30 ticket directly in the Travis app. Of course to the same terms and prices you get with SL. The difference? All other modes of transportation in the same app, as well!

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