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What is public transport?

Public transport today is so much more than just riding a bus, tram, metro or commuter train, though many people still think only of these modes of transport when referring to public transport. In addition, a great deal of the public still think that the region (county council) or the municipality operate the traffic. Today however, traffic services for local and regional traffic are being operated by private transport companies in almost all of Sweden.

However, the most important thing for you to really bring for the future is to understand what public transport in the 2020s can do for you and your travel habits.

Public transport – a must for the growing city

As the city grows with more houses and inhabitants in the same area and the borders are moved further and further out, a functioning public transport becomes a prerequisite for it all to work. Due to the congestion, we can or do not want always to take the car everywhere anymore. In addition, we demand a sustainable and environmental friendly focus on the society's infrastructure.

Public transport is, simply, a fundamental part of a modern society.

Did you know...

...that when you use public transport, you exercise about four times as much compared to when you take the car?

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Public transport is not equal to "ban cars"

Bans are boring and good alternatives are fun. We know that the car is needed sometimes, perhaps to solve the life puzzle or because other travel options simply do not solve the current problem in an acceptable way. But do you really need to own the car yourself? Do you perhaps save both money and worries by renting one instead or being in a car pool for those times you actually need a car?

The new way to travel in the 2020s – Mobility as a Service

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) eller som det ibland också kallas, Transportation as a Service (TaaS), är namn på det nya att du med digitala hjälpmedel kan söka och kombinera fram effektiva och prisvärda resor genom att dela på resurser med andra – när du behöver dem. Du behöver inte äga alla de olika transportmedlen själv. Mobilitet som en tjänst, helt enkelt.

Public transport the way you want it

No matter when you want to go somewhere, and whether it is a short or long trip, Travis will help you find the best and most affordable way to get there. Travis is your travel buddy and the app for all of your public transport. And forget tickets or logins in several different apps – you pay for both the bus trip and the electric scooter directly in Travis.

From now on, you are in charge. Let your first decision be to download the Travis app where you download apps.


Are you required to wear a mask on the bus or in the metro?

You are not required to wear a mask when using public transport. However, it could be a smart thing to wear a mask when you have to travel at times when many other need too. When there is a risk for very crowded buses, trains, trams, etc.

To wear a mask when traveling with public transport, especially during rush hours, is a small but yet important way for you to contribute to a reduced spread of infection. It is not more dangerous to use public transport than to be in any other public environment, but all efforts count...

Other aspects to consider are your travel habits. Do you really need to catch the 07.32 bus every morning, or do you just because that's what you always did? For many people, just 10 minutes back or forth makes the difference between standing in a full vessel and guaranteed seating all the way. What's it like for you?