Tier electric scooters – a very close friend of Travis

"Tira" is an old slang expression that was used in the streets of Stockholm meaning "check this or that out". Today we say “Tiera” and mean "ride an electric scooter". And not only in Stockholm. Travis is very proud to present its travel companion Tier Mobility in the growing family of modes of transportation for local traveling in both Gothenburg as well as in Stockholm. Now you can search, book and pay for the electric scooter from Tier directly in the Travis app. It just became very easy to "Tiera", you go ahead and check that out!

Book and pay directly in Travis

Now Travis' friend Tier Mobility is fully available in the app. This means that when you want to ride an electric scooter, you just look up the nearest Tier electric scooter in the Travis app, book and pay for it and then you are all set to go where you are going. Easy and smooth!

Travis friends

These are Travis' electric scooter friends:

  • Voi
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