Ride an electric scooter in Stockholm

If you would like to ride an electric scooter in Stockholm you get great opportunities with Travis's friends such as Voi electric scooters and Tier Mobility. With its nice bicycle paths and parkways Stockholm is very well suited for this efficient and fun mode of transportation. The perfect choice when you wish to move around in the capital in a fast, priceworthy and funny way. Of course, your best travel buddy Travis helps you find closest electric scooter. Directly in the app you can book and pay for it as well. Have a nice ride!

Electric scooters – important for Stockholm's new traveling habits

The electric scooter is a vital part in the mission to make it easier for people in Stockholm to travel efficiently and sustainable. Stockholm's public transport is world class and is the foundation in local traveling, and new modes of transportation such as electric scooters increase the ability to move around in the urban area. Get to the metro or the grocery store even if the bus doesn't match the trip you would like to make right now.

And, not to forget, riding an electric scooters is a lot of fun, too! Have you ever tried to step up and feel the wind of speed hit your face on your way across Gärdet or on the shores of Långholmen a sunny morning?

Please always take care of yourself and others. Make sure to wear your helmet, and to follow all regulation related to riding an electric scooter.

Travis friends

These are Travis' electric scooter friends:

  • Voi
  • Find, book, and pay your electric scooter in Travis

    To ride an electric scooter is fun. Also, it's simple. At least when it comes to get started. If you are in Stockholm, this is how easy it is:

    1. Search a trip from A to B and click the electric scooter icon, or

    2. Click the scooter icon at the bottom of start page and log in.

    Have a fun trip, and please mind both your and other people's safety – take it easy.

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