Ride an electric scooter in Gothenburg

It is real smooth to go around Gothenburg nowadays and Travis can show you how. Travis knows where to find you an electric scooter like Tier or Voi. Plan your trip, find your best possible way and if it is  by scooter; you can se your closest scooter and pay for it, all in Travis traveling app. A perfect alternative for you  four you how want your travel to be effective, affordable and fun.

Electric scooters– a part of Gothenburgs new travel way 

New times means new way of travels and now you can expect to go around in an easy, flexible and more sustainable way. Electric scooters works perfect as a complement to public transport which Västtrafik is offering in town and also create new possibilities for more sustainable rides. With a scooter you can easier move around on your own terms. Take a quick ride on wheels to a train or any other destination even when there is no bus or your feet are hurting.

Riding a scooter is both practical and fun. Feeling the wind in your hair and the sun in your face a warm day will but you in the best mood. Even better you can choose to not struggle up the hills at Johanneberg. Especially when you are running a bit late.

Travis friends

These are Travis' electric scooter friends:

  • Voi
  • Riding an electric scooter

    From now on the same rules apply for riding an electric scooter as if you are riding a regular bike or e-bike. Which means you may not ride on walkways such as sidewalks or footpaths. Please be extra careful when riding on streets without bike lanes or similar.

    Please remember that you may always lead the electric scooter on foot when you need to pass areas where it is not allowed to ride it.

    Parking electric scooter

    Be a good citizen and mind your fellow people when you park your electric scooter after a ride, so we alla can enjoy our travels and avoid accidents. But it away, where others can not trip over the scooter and it is not standing in the way for passerby. Around Gothenburg you can also find special parking spots for scooters. Some examples where you can find them:

    • Drottningtorget

    • Linnéplatsen

    • Stenpiren

    • Svingeln

    • Valand

    Find, book, and pay your electric scooter in Travis

    To ride an electric scooter is fun. Also, it's simple. At least when it comes to get started. If you are in Stockholm, this is how easy it is:

    1. Search a trip from A to B and click the electric scooter icon, or

    2. Click the scooter icon at the bottom of start page and log in.

    Have a fun trip, and please mind both your and other people's safety – take it easy.

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