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Travis with friends - for your best trip!

Without friends, life easily becomes boring. Fortunately, Travis has lots of friends to help create your best and most affordable trip. Travis is the only travel buddy you need, and you decide. Where do you want to go today?

The trip determines the mode of transport – not the other way around

If you are going over to your friend's place to watch a game, maybe a scooter from Voi or Tier is the way to go? If you had a little too much falafel for lunch, some light workout could be nice and then the borrow-a-bike from OurGreenCar will come in handy. For the slightly longer journey, you always have the traditional SL (Stockholm Public Transport) with its huge range of buses and trains.

Need to go the airport or the central station in the middle of the night when even the bus driver is asleep? Then it's very convenient that Travis has several friends who drive taxis! Choose between Taxi Kurir, Cabonline, Sverigetaxi, TOPCAB or why not a pod taxi from Bzzt?

When it's time to swap Ivar for Billy or install Grandma in the summer cottage for the season, you'll probably need to take the car. You don’t have a car? Nemas problemas, you have your friend Travis. Kinto, Elbilio and OurGreenCar line up for Travis and provide you with their car pools at any time!

Pay directly in the app

As in all relations, friendship deepens at different pace. Some Travis friends allow Travis to take care of the payments for the service directly in the app, such as SL, Voi, and Tier, while others take care of the finances themselves.

Step by step, most probably more friends will let Travis handle the payments for them as well. Since Travis is a true buddy, you will of course get notified about exciting news before anyone else. Turn on your notifications in the app, and just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Download your best travel buddy today!

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Download your best travel buddy today!

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